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 At American RoofTec our expertise lies in the repair of leaks in commercial metal roofs.  Typically, a prospective client will call to request our no-cost estimate to repair leaks in their metal roof panels, skylights, roof penetrations, or internal gutters.  We pride ourselves on responding quickly to the needs of our clients--often diagnosing the problem, quoting, and repairing the metal roof leak(s) the very same day.

Upon arrival at a customer's facility, we request to see the locations where the metal roof leaks are occurring.  By taking the time to prepare a map of the roof leaks from inside the building and observing the locations of nearby roof penetrations, skylights, and insulation seams we are able to ascertain the likely area that is the source of the metal roof leaks.  This process may take 15 minutes to 3 hours, but it greatly reduces the time required to perform the metal roof leak repairs.
After each leak is pinpointed and a map of the roof is completed, we put up our ladder to access the roof.  The location of each leak is then found on the top side of the metal roof and the potential sources are evaluated.  Because we are conservative in our approach to the metal roof leak repair, we generally recommend treating every potential source of the leak--whether loose fasteners, defective roof panel seams, or flashings at roof penetrations.  The client is notified of what we found upon inspecting the roof and is provided a written or verbal proposal according to the customer's preference.
Once the client gives authorization to perform the metal roof leak repairs, work typically begins that same day or as soon as the weather permits.  Because the materials used in our work are designed to shed water, we can't repair leaks in commercial metal roofs while it is raining or when rain is expected shortly.  Our leak repair is warranted and we work diligently to make sure it is done right the first time.
Because our business is primarily focused on metal roof leak repair, we have been able to learn the keys to being successful and meeting our client's needs since 1993.  
The keys to success in this business are:
(1) Showing up when we said we were going to show up.
(2) Understanding what needs to be done and how to do it.
(3) Using the proper materials for metal roof leak repairs.
(4) Being attentive to detail.
(5) Doing what we said we were going to do.  
This approach has earned us much repeat business from our larger commercial customers.
Repairing leaks in commercial metal roofs generally involves treating seams, fasteners, or the flashings at roof penetrations (whether plumbing pipes, heater stacks, or HVAC units).  Horizontal seams are repaired using brushed-on acrylic elastomeric sealants and embedded polyester fabrics.  Open vertical laps may be treated using the same acrylic sealants and embedded polyester fabric or by using a combination of lap screws and commercial caulk.  Fasteners are inspected to ascertain if any are loose or missing.  Loose fasteners that can be tightened will be tightened with a drill.  If the fasteners can't be tightened , they will be removed and replaced with oversized screws.  Exposed fasteners adjacent to the location of each metal roof leak are normally treated with an elastomeric mastic to eliminate them as potential sources of the leak.  Flashings at roof penetrations will likewise be treated using a brush applied sealant and an embedded polyester fabric.  Where water is ponding along the upper side of penetrations, a water-poolable sealant will be used.
Metal roof leak repair at skylights involves similar activities as leak repair in metal panels.  However, if the fiberglass skylight panels are badly weathered, the skylights should be pressure washed and sealed with a translucent skylight sealer.  Loose fasteners must be tightened or replaced and then treated with an elastomeric mastic.  Horizontal seams can be treated with an acrylic sealant and an embedded strip of polyester fabric.  Open vertical seams may be treated using the same acrylic sealant and embedded polyester fabric or by using a combination of lap screws and commercial caulk.
In the event leaks are found to be originating in an internal gutter, it must be determined whether the problem is isolated or if the whole gutter needs to be treated.  Rust holes or leaky gutter joints can be treated with a water-poolable sealant and an embedded polyester fabric.  If the entire internal gutter needs to be treated, the gutter will first be pressure washed and dried.  Rusting metal will be coated with a rust-inhibiting primer.  Gutter joints will next be treated with an acrylic sealant and embedded polyester fabric.  Finally the entire gutter bottom and partially up the gutter walls will be treated with a water-poolable sealant and embedded polyester fabric.
We will recommend to the client if the metal roof panels need to be coated in conjunction with repair of metal roof leaks.  Normally the metal panels don't need to be coated unless they are rusting or if the client is experiencing problems with climate control inside the building due to heat buildup.  The other reason to coat the roof is to protect the repairs which have been made to seams, roof penetrations, and fasteners.  A good quality white acrylic elastomeric coating will typically last ten years and will significantly increase the life expectancy of the metal roof repairs.


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